Kris Humphries is really good at analogies

New Jersey Nets big man Kris Humphries has had a rough year. In addition to losing the love of Kim Kardashian (aka "America's Sweetheart") and becoming the NBA's most hated player, he's toiled for a wretched team. Yet, with the trade deadline looming on Thursday, there's a chance that free-agent-to-be Humphries will be playing for another team next week.

Because Humphries has a no-trade clause, that choice will ultimately be up to him. When asked if he'd drop the clause with a deal in place, he answered with an analogy that cleared everything up. From Colin Stephenson for The Newark Star-Ledger (via Evan Dunlap on Twitter):

"Would you jump off a bridge?" Humphries asked reporters who inquired about his willingness to waive the no-trade. "It depends how high the water is (or) if there was a drowning baby in the water. I mean, because you (might) jump off in the summer, if it was warm out, (and) you know the water was deep underneath.

"It's all circumstantial, is the point I'm trying to make," he said.

Well, that makes total sense. Humphries must be saying that he only wants to play for the Lakers.

Join us on Wednesday, when Kris will explain the difference between metonymy and synecdoche.

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