Kourtney just posted a group kissing video with Travis, Megan and MGK and people are losing it

Photo credit: @kylehouck - Instagram
Photo credit: @kylehouck - Instagram

If you spat out your lunch as you were taking a quick scroll through Kourtney Kardashian's Instagram story today, you're probably not alone. Kourt reposted a video that features her and Travis Barker in a bathroom at the VMAs passionately kissing, alongside Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly who are also locking lips (mainly tongues actually). And when we say Twitter went wild...

Since getting together back in January of this year Kourtney and Travis have never shied away from a PDA opportunity, something that sparked a big ol' drama when Kourtney's ex Younes Bednjima leaked DMs from Scott Disick complaining about the new couple's PDA-ing.

Meanwhile, their pals Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are also partial to a bit (a lot) of full frontal Insta-kissing. Recently Megan even shared a pretty NSFW post on her Instagram, in a picture of her posing by a kitchen table with the caption, "When I tell you that the table at this air bnb saw some things." Wowza.

So, it makes total sense that when these two couples got together for the MTV VMAs it all got a bit risqué. The foursome took their double date to the bathroom for some posed pics, where everyone ended up doing some very tongue heavy synchronised kissing.

Not only was there a picture of this not-at-all-covid-safe moment, but MGK also shared a video of it all in action which Kourtney has since reposted to her Instagram Story.

Photo credit: Kourtney Kardashian - Instagram
Photo credit: Kourtney Kardashian - Instagram

Clearly, you can't expect to post this kind of content on your Instagram without the internet going wild, so of course, Twitter sprang into action.


I wonder what's going on in Younes Bendjima's DMs right now...

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