How the Korean Baseball Organization compares to the XFL

Jackie Walsh
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The latest Nationals Talk podcast started out with a discussion on the Korean Baseball Organization, which it's initial success has led to a comparison with the recently canceled XFL

The focus of the episode was the Nationals' standing in May of 2019 and how important this point in the season was to the team's eventual World Series win. 


The beginning of the episode centered on the KBO, as Chase Hughes mentioned that the absence of MLB games has left him and many other baseball fanatics in search of other live content, which has resulted in the KBO gaining substantial attention. 

The heightened interest in the KBO during this time makes sense, especially considering the many parallels Hughes noted between the KBO and other traditional American sports leagues, specifically the cheerleaders and mascots (with social distancing and masks included). 

Although these games are broadcasted in the early hours of the morning in the United States, the classic baseball games, down to the rain delays and play reviews, have served as a way to satisfy fans' cravings for live sports entertainment. 

Todd Dybas suggested that the current interest in the KBO is potentially reminiscent of the fascination with the XFL, in the sense that the strong start may wane over time. 

"The first week might be good because it's new, the time, and it's something different," Dybas said. "But sustainability is interesting to me, whether people will be interested next week. That will surprise me if that continues to be the case." 

Only time will tell the shelf-life of the KBO and how it measures up to the XFL, but the comparison is interesting considering the potential influence of the league on MLB operations moving forward. 

The KBO may very well indicate the future of the MLB, as things like empty stands and announcers calling games from far away move toward becoming the new norm. 

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How the Korean Baseball Organization compares to the XFL originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington