Are 'Kool-Aid Pickles' as gross as they look?

Are 'Kool-Aid Pickles' really worth the hype?

Video Transcript

DILLON THOMPSON: These Kool-Aid flavor pickles might be the weirdest internet food trend we've ever seen. But people are going viral everywhere for making them. So what's the deal with it? Can Kool-Aid really make pickles taste good? To find out, we're going to try this hack out ourselves.


These Kool-Aid pickles have been everywhere lately. TikTokers are sharing all kinds of recipes for how to make them. And you can even buy Kool-Aid flavored pickles at Walmart now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm the biggest pickle fan out there. Making pickles makes me feel like some kind of weird, pickle mad scientist. But this feels like a step too far. But to find out if it really is, we're going to try to make these bad boys for ourselves. Let's get into it and see how these actually taste.

So we have two big jars of store-bought dill pickles here. And what we're going to do start is remove all the pickles from the juice and set them aside on a plate for later.

In the meantime, we're going to add our Kool-Aid. Due to some availability issues, we had to get sugar free Kool-Aid which is not as good as the real thing. If you use regular sugar, this'll probably taste really different. So definitely keep that in mind when we make these and test out the results.

So I got two different flavors to try in each jar, one for fruit punch and one for cherry flavored Kool-Aid. We're going to add one packet of each flavor to each jar.

And then 1/2 a cup of sugar to each one. Then add all of our pickles back into the new, weird, reddish looking mixture thing that we made.

Next, we're going to let these things sit for five days to get extra pickle-y. Start the multi-day clock. Now that our Kool-Aid pickles are ready, we're going to test these bad boys on two points of criteria, taste and snapability.

First up for taste. I have no idea how these things are going to taste. I don't know if they're going to taste like Kool-Aid flavored pickles or pickle flavored Kool-Aid.

And if you guys think you have any ideas, we've actually created a hotline you can call in. You can call 1-800-TRIED-IT, place your vote now for what you think these are going to taste like.

In the meantime, I'm going to take a bite of these. Cherry Kool-Aid pickle. Oh no. Oh, well I have to take another bite for science. Oh. Nope. Nuh-uh.

Here's hoping this is better than the last one. Fruit punch flavored Kool-Aid pickle. OK, well. So by comparison, the fruit punch was not that bad. It's really, really, really sweet.

The cherry was unbearable. I could not wait to swallow it and never have to think about it again. Honestly, the fruit punch isn't that bad. But these are one of the grossest things I've ever tried on this show. I'm giving these a one out of 5 for taste.

Next up, snapability. So while these things tasted pretty horrible, they actually look really crazy. And we're going give them a four out of five for snapability because whether you like them or not, they look crazy to post on your snap story or on anywhere else you want to share the photos with your friends.

All right, so time to tally up our overall score. So after the worst ever rating in Tried It history for flavor, one out of five for taste, these get a final score of 5 out of 10 overall, which honestly could be way worse.

These things really creep me out. I do not want to ever try them again. Normally I would end this video by taking a bite, but I really cannot. So I will just hold it very close to my face.