Was Kool-Aid McKinstry or Chase Young the Saints’ most dangerous pickup?

Kool-Aid McKinstry was labeled the New Orleans Saints’ most dangerous addition this offseason by Bleacher Report’s Ryan Fowler. This combined with the Saints secondary being considered the strength of the team brings a draft day question back to the forefront. Where does the second round cornerback fit in 2024?

The other option for the Saints’ most dangerous addition is Chase Young and arguably would have been a better fit. Health permitting, Young has a ready-made role on the team. He was brought in to a defensive line room that struggled to rush the passer. He was the most necessary addition from the offseason and has the chance to be the most dangerous if he hits his ceiling.

It’s possible Fowler simply didn’t believe Young will hit his ceiling or that McKinstry will make that significant of an impact. Fowler labeled McKinstry the most dangerous addition and mentioned him being an outside corner. Saying that with Paulson Adebo and Marshon Lattimore still on the roster spoke volumes of Fowler’s belief in the rookie.

A rookie with a high ceiling. A veteran looking to hit his high ceiling after multiple setbacks through his career. McKinstry and Young are in different parts of their career with one huge similarity and equally as dangerous potential. Who deserves the title could come to a difference in approach. Do you value building upon a strength more than strengthening a weakness? Vote in our poll to make your voice heard:

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire