Kolin is Street Fighter V Season 2's first original DLC character

Capcom has revealed the first of the ‘all-new’ Street Fighter V Season 2 DLC characters Kolin and she will be available on February 28.

The character was first introduced in Street Fighter III as one of Gill’s (the boss character in that series) lackeys. This marks her first appearance as a fully-fleshed out playable character in Street Fighter.

The trailer offers a look at her playstyle and special moves. Up until now, Street Fighter V lacked a traditional “rekka” (a series of forward moving attacks similar to Fei Long in previous Street Fighter games.) It appears Kolin fills that role as well as bringing all-new ice abilities to the franchise.

Capcom-Unity detailed Kolin’s V-Skill and V-Trigger. Her V-Skill is called Inside Slash and is a counter attack that can deflect and punish incoming attacks. Kolin’s V-Trigger, Diamond Dust, appears to be similar to Necalli’s ground pound attack, with the exception she shoots icicles across the floor and if it hits an opponent, it freezes their stun gauge. In that state, the stun gauge won’t deplete and if Kolin follows up by successfully stunning her opponent, they are frozen in place.

Kolin has an arsenal of icy moves. (Capcom)
Kolin has an arsenal of icy moves. (Capcom)

Capcom said it intends to provide updates on new characters every other month, beginning in February. The developer will update players on “new information and content” in the remaining months.

Lastly, a balance update appears to be in the works. However, Capcom hasn’t said how much will be changed and when it will take place. Capcom recently hinted at the possibility of balancing the game when it provided an update saying Season 2 issues were being addressed.

At this time, we can confirm additional changes are in the works to bring characters in-line with how we envision them to perform. We can’t share all of the details quite yet, but we are anticipating an announcement early March,” Capcom said on its blog.

The Capcom Pro Tour 2017 schedule is expected to be released in late February.Michael Martin is looking forward to playing an “all-new” SFV character because Ryu got dumpstered in S2. Follow him on Twitter @Bizarro_Mike.