Kobie Turner is working with the guy who trained Aaron Donald with knives

Aaron Donald had the internet buzzing in 2018 when a video surfaced of him training with knives. They weren’t real knives, but the fact that Donald was even hand-fighting with a trainer using fake blades was wild enough to have fans going crazy.

Well, Donald is now passing the knife torch to his understudy, Kobie Turner. As all great pass rushers should, Turner is following in the footsteps of the future Hall of Famer and training with the same guy who went through those knife drills with Donald.

Turner shared a photo and three videos of himself working with Al “Poodie” Carson on Thursday, though there were no sharp objects in sight during his session. There was some violent and impressive hand-fighting, though, which is the purpose of training with a Krav Maga expert like Carson.

Carson gave Turner a shoutout on Twitter by calling him “the real DROY” and said that he’s doing the “GOAT99 workout,” alluding to the drills he did with Donald a few years back.

Turner looks explosive and powerful in the clips and could be in for an even better season than the one he had in 2023.

If you need a refresher on Donald’s knife workout with Carson from 2018, here it is in all its glory.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire