Kobe Bryant says Lakers fans who hate LeBron James will 'fall in line'

LeBron James might be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, but not all Lakers fans are happy about the move. In particular, Kobe Bryant stans have been hesitant to embrace James after they spent years arguing Bryant was better.

Bryant doesn’t really see it that way. The 18-time All-Star told Rich Eisen he believes LeBron haters will “fall in line.”

Kobe Bryant says Lakers fans will embrace LeBron James

What will it take for Bryant fans to come around on James? Winning, according to Bryant.

LeBron James murals defaced in Los Angeles after he joined Lakers

James’ haters haven’t responded well to James joining the Lakers. They’ve defaced murals of James multiple times. One fan even used a shoe to knock a picture of James off a Bryant mural.

Is Kobe Bryant right about Lakers fans embracing LeBron James?

Probably. Winning matters most to sports fans. With James, the Lakers should win a fair amount of games. Once that starts happening, people will come around. And if James can lead Los Angeles to a championship or two, even the most passionate Bryant fans will soften their stance on James.

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Lakers fans will come around on LeBron James, according to Kobe Bryant. (AP Photo)
Lakers fans will come around on LeBron James, according to Kobe Bryant. (AP Photo)

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