Kobe Bryant is running on an anti-gravity treadmill, which probably means something (Video)

From the minute Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles tendon in mid-April, the details of his recovery have been deemed newsworthy, from the course of his rehabilitation to his adjusted plans for the future. For the most part, we've had to trust Bryant's tales of recovery at his word, because fans typically don't get to watch players train for days on end (and, if they did, they would probably get bored quickly). In this case, it helps that Kobe has proven his willingness and ability to battle through injuries at any cost.

Luckily, we now have an image of Kobe's progress, albeit one that doesn't tell us exactly how close he is to returning to in-game action. On Monday, Bryant posted a video of himself running on an anti-gravity to his Instagram account. Given the machine and length of the video, it's tough to know exactly how much weight Kobe is putting on his legs, how quickly he can accelerate, and what sort of strain this activity puts on his body. However, it's definitely progress.

The problem is that we can't actually project anything from this video — as ever, Kobe will be ready when he's ready. A clip like this one doesn't contain much information, but it should give basketball fans a bit of an emotional lift. At least we know the man can move again.

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