Kobe Bryant loses all three (!) of his mansions, $75 million, in divorce settlement

Ball Don't Lie

Did you know that Kobe Bryant owns three mansions in Newport Beach, alone? No? Let that swirl around for a second, and now learn that Kobe Bryant does not own three mansions in Newport Beach anymore. Those houses, and a princely $75 million sum, have been sent to Kobe's ex-wife Vanessa in the couple's divorce settlement.

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TMZ (sigh, sorry) is reporting that the $75 million figure represents half of Kobe's … er, "the couple's" total assets. The quick split and even quicker payoff (all three of his houses?) would appear to lend credibility to the idea that Kobe wanted absolutely nothing to do with his ex-wife potentially going on record to air whatever dirty laundry that emanated from what was at times a contentious and fitful 10-year marriage -- including reports of massive amounts of infidelity. One of the three mansions is even still in the construction stage, but she's getting that one too.

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According to Wikipedia, and this massive lump sum of cash and real estate, the former couple did not put together a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot in April of 2001. The Bryants have two daughters, and we wish both parties well as they move on in their personal lives.

Here's how Kobe spent his last night as the proud owner of three mansions, courtesy of the Yahoo! Sports Minute:

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