Kobe Bryant helped Mike Trout show the world his humorous side

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We know Mike Trout as many things — perhaps the best baseball player on the planet, a perennial MVP candidate, a noted weather aficionado and a dude who loves plane emojis.

We don’t, however, normally think of him as a funny guy. But maybe that’ll change after people see his latest commercial.

Trout is one of four athletes who star in the latest ad campaign for sports drink BODYARMOR, which debut Wednesday on the Internet and will be featured on TNT during the NBA playoffs. James Harden, Kristaps Porzingis and Skylar Diggins-Smith star in ads of the same ilk, with the same sense of humor.

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“I thought it would be great,” Trout told Yahoo Sports. “To add a lot of humor. The spot I had, I had fun with it. To use the stuff we used, was pretty funny and pretty incredible. I had a great time shooting it.”

Part of that comes from Kobe Bryant, the NBA superstar turned Oscar winner. Kobe owns a stake in BODYARMOR and also wrote and co-directed these spots. So does that mean we can thank Kobe for getting Mike Trout to show us his humorous side? Kind of.

“I had a conversation with Kobe about it and the guys from Body Armor,” Trout said. “The stuff behind it, behind the scenes. To get the point across. Like I said, it’s different. To bring humor involved. To see the activities that I did during the spot. I wouldn’t say I was nervous. I wanted to switch it up a little bit. They wanted to switch it up little a bit. And use that humor. It was pretty cool.”

Mike Trout stars in a new ad for the BODYARMOR sports drink that was written and co-directed by Kobe Bryant. (BODYARMOR)
Mike Trout stars in a new ad for the BODYARMOR sports drink that was written and co-directed by Kobe Bryant. (BODYARMOR)

Here’s where things might surprise you even more: Trout tells us that he’s actually a jokester.

The guys in the clubhouse know I’m a jokester,” Trout told Yahoo Sports. “And so do my friends and family. Out on the field, I’m funny and I’ve come to play every day smiling. It’s good to let the fans know that there’s a humorous side of me. It’s not just all baseball. I like to make people laugh. You can ask any of my teammates and friends, I’m a funny guy. “

Does this mean, Trout is secretly pranking Albert Pujols and Shohei Ohtani in the Angels clubhouse? And if so, how great would that be?

Sounds like something Kobe Bryant needs to make a movie about.

Yahoo Sports’ Chris Cwik contributed to this story.

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