Kobe Bryant gives up (VIDEO)

Bad news, Angelenos. Not even Kobe Bryant thinks his Los Angeles Lakers can guard the Oklahoma City Thunder, probably because he watched Game 1, too. Oh, well. The Thunder score the rare one-game sweep, I guess. It was a good run, L.A. Time to pack your bags and hit the bricks. If you're not sure of the best way out of town, just don't ask this guy, because I'm pretty sure he's never left Oklahoma City, or maybe even the confines of Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Or — and this is just a theory suggested in a piece by Yahoo! Sports NBA columnist Marc J. Spears, who was on the scene in OKC for Monday night's 119-90 beatdown — maybe Bryant was being sarcastic in response to a flat yes-or-no question unlikely to engender a long or serious response from a proud, prickly dude who just watched his team get beat from pillar to post. Maybe he's not totally convinced Russell Westbrook is going to hit 70 percent of his jumpers three more times after shooting 37.7 percent from 10 to 15 feet away, 43 percent from 16 to 23 feet away, and 31.8 percent from 3-point land during the regular season, according to Hoopdata.

Maybe, just maybe, Kobe isn't willing to abandon hope after 48 minutes of a second-round series. Tough to say, though.

Video via 07rcmp.