Kobe Bryant Claps Back At Fan Who Says He'd Have Won Zero Rings Against Spurs, Warriors

Jenna West
Sports Illustrated

Kobe Bryant called out a fan on Twitter who said the fomer Laker would not have won any rings if he played for today's Cavaliers instead of LeBron James.

The original accusation against Bryant went down when the fan referenced a Bleacher Report article that asked Bryant if James' 3-6 NBA Finals record affects his legacy.

"If I'm Bron, you got to figure out a way to win," Bryant told Bleacher Report. "It's not about narrative. You want to win championships, you just gotta figure it out."

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That same fan, @EricSal_7, said that Bryant wouldn't have a ring if he faced the Spurs and Warriors from 2013-2018 with the Heat and Cavaliers like James.

Bryant clapped back stating that the Lakers played the Spurs "EVERY post season pretty much" and the "first super team" in Boston. He signed off asking "but hey, what do I know" with a shrugging emoji, sending Twitter in a tizzy to debate Bryant's claim.

The retired Laker won 5 championships in his 20-year career with Los Angeles. During that time, the Lakers made it to the playoffs 16 times but only faced the Spurs six times. Boston beat the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Finals with their "super team," which included Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

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