Kobe Bryant is busting out new Grinch shoes for Christmas Day

Ball Don't Lie

Last December we brought you the frightening tale of Kobe Bryant's Grinch-styled sneakers, shoes he would only wear during the Lakers' annual Christmas Day game. Thank goodness.

This year? He's celebrating the holiday in terrible fashion, because these shoes are ridiculous. Via TBJ and Sneaker Files, here are Kobe Bryant's Christmas Day-only shoes:

So, Grinch-green, some sort of hipster purple-plaid, a cheetah (because apparently Nike doesn't have a black mamba template on the ready), Kobe's autograph, and some sort of caliper system on the heel because apparently Kobe doesn't jump high enough as it is.

Incredibly ugly, but quite cool. We like it when Kobe steps out like this, and in a fashion era where more and more ostensibly hip basketball players are showing up to press conferences in cardigans that would put Pat Boone to shame, ugly is apparently the new sexy.

And if Kobe has any say, this will be the sexiest Christmas ever.

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