Knute Rockne, American Icon

USC-Notre Dame is as American as apple pie.

Knute Rockne, more than any other man, gave rise to the Notre Dame-USC rivalry. Interestingly enough, he was courted vigorously by USC in the mid-1920s, but he was still under contract at Notre Dame, so a possible deal to become USC’s new head coach did not get finalized. Rockne stayed at Notre Dame. Howard Jones became USC’s head coach and the man who, with Rockne, launched the Irish-Trojan rivalry which has meant so much to college football over the past 96 years, and which is always a great rivalry when both teams are at or close to their peak.

This year’s game will bring back some of the flavor of Notre Dame-USC.

We talked to Jim Lefebvre, the director of the Knute Rockne Memorial Society, about Rockne and his legend and the USC deal which almost was. The Rockne Society will have its annual Spirit of Sports Awards Celebration this Friday, Nov. 25, at the Center at Cathedral Plaza on 555 West Temple Street in Los Angeles. The festivities begin at 11 a.m.

Here is our podcast with Jim Lefebvre:


Creator of the USC-Notre Dame rivalry will be remembered Friday in Los Angeles

Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire