You know who's enraged that Montez Sweat isn't a Pro Bowler? Maury

Peter Hailey
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Know who's enraged that Sweat isn't a Pro Bowler? Maury originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

In Brandon Scherff and Chase Young, the Washington Football Team has two Pro Bowl players. But one legendary TV personality can't believe the list of NFL all stars doesn't include a third member from the Burgundy and Gold.

During a recent interview with the Washington Football Talk podcast that'll air in an episode released on Wednesday evening, Maury Povich — as in the Maury — believes Young's fellow edge rusher was totally and wrongly ignored by voters.

"There is one thing that has really pissed me off in the last 24 hours," Povich said, "and that was Montez Sweat being left off the Pro Bowl [rosters]."

While speaking with the podcast, Povich was sitting in front of what looked to be a very welcoming fireplace, and for most of it, he was incredibly laid back.

The only time his demeanor changed, however, was when discussing Sweat's snub.

"Was just the worst miscarriage of justice, and quite frankly, as much as I love Chase Young, I think Montez Sweat has had a better year," he continued.

Sweat does have one and a half more sacks than Young through Week 15, twice the amount of QB hits and, like No. 99, a defensive score. Young has been a complete terror on his own, no disrespect toward him at all, but there is a case to be made that Sweat's having the superior season.

And if that case needs a lead voice, Povich would be happy to provide it.

"I've never seen anyone that agile, that big, with hands, that is that good and that coordinated," he marveled. "I watched him last year and I said, 'You know, he's not having the year that you expected of him, especially with how quick he is,' but I knew he would grow into the role." 

So, though the league and its fans essentially went up to Sweat and explained to him that he is... NOT a Pro Bowler, in Povich's mind, there is no doubting Sweat's claim to stardom.