Get to know Drew Carter, the man picking up the mantle for Mike Gorman on the road

Legendary Boston Celtics play-by-play announcer Mike Gorman is retiring at the end of the season. Drew Carter has been selected as his successor and has already begun making appearances on the call during Celtics away games. Carter, 26, has already struck up some chemistry with Brian Scalabrine and has done well in his first few weeks on the job.

In a recent episode of the “Green With Envy” podcast, Carter makes a guest appearance. He spends an hour discussing the journey that has seen him tasked with taking over from a legend, his influences, along what makes him who he is.

Carter also took a moment to note how he would love to meet Bill Simmons and implored the veteran reporter to watch the Celtics game while listening to the home feed.

“Because Bill Simmons is one of my biggest influences,” Carter said. “…I hope I get the chance to meet him through this job because he’s obviously a huge Celtics fan…(But) He was tweeting about the Wizards broadcast…and I’m like Bill, why are you watching the Wizards? Tune into the local broadcast”

The Green With Envy hosts also put Carter through a lightning round, where he answered many questions, including giving his best Ted Lasso impression. Carter’s youth makes him an ideal candidate to help resonate with the young Celtics audience. This season, he will be present on away games as he slowly transitions into a full-time role.

You can watch the full episode by clicking on the embedded clip above.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire