Get to know ‘Cable Thanos,’ the creative mastermind behind viral Seahawks videos

Joe Fann

You might know this guy already, or at least know of him. If you don't, you've assuredly seen his work pop into your social media feeds.

His name is Josh Cashman – a 24-year-old from Mukilteo, Wash., who is a lifelong Seahawks fan and current student at Western Washington University majoring in Multidisciplinary Studies and Video Production. You likely know him by his Twitter handle: @cablethanos_.

He's the mastermind behind the viral Seattle Seahawks hype videos beginning in 2018. Cashman, the latest guest on the Talkin' Seahawks Podcast, detailed how these videos came to be.

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But let's start with his moniker. Where'd "Cable Thanos" come from? The Avengers reference is pretty obvious, but Cashman explained that it was meant as a joke toward Tom Cable. Some on Twitter pointed out that Cable shared a resemblance with Marvel's most epic villain. So Cashman edited something featuring Cable wearing Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet. Instead of Infinity Stones, the gauntlet was filled with underwhelming offensive linemen. When Cable snapped his fingers, a la Thanos in the movie "Infinity Wars," Russell Wilson disintegrated like the Avengers.

Now back to the videos. The first one was made after the Seahawks beat the Lions last season to improve to 4-3.

Cashman created it almost satirically given that nobody expected Seattle to be any good. Based on all preseason expectations, 4-3 felt like a record worth celebrating, even if it was mostly in jest. Seahawks Twitter loved the video. While Cashman only expected to make the one, the people demanded for more.

"They kept winning and I kept making them and here we are," Cashman told NBC Sports Northwest.

The videos are hard to describe – a combination of fun and ridiculous that leave you asking yourself, "What on earth did I just watch?" (Deadspin compiled a few of the videos into one article)

"I don't pride myself on its professionalism, I pride myself on as in-your-face-as-possible and as crazy as I can make it," Cashman said.

He's doing a damn good job of sticking to that mission statement. The football highlights take a back seat in Cashman's videos to well-timed movie references, video game clips and other bits and pieces of pop culture. A healthy dose of poking fun at media who count out the Seahawks is also a sure-fire way to rally the troops on social media.

After posting a few videos, Cashman's work broke outside of the bubble of Seahawks Twitter. They went viral with fans and media around the country wondering what was happening in the Pacific Northwest. There was a FOMO element that had others wishing they were part of the Seahawks Twitter community.

Cashman's video after Seattle's win against the Chiefs in Week 16 literally changed his life forever. To that point, no Seahawks player had interacted with one of the pieces. But this one caught the eye of Russell Wilson. Seattle's franchise QB quote tweeted the video which sent Cashman's Twitter ablaze.

"My notifications were going crazy," Cashman said. "I couldn't look away from my phone. It was blowing my mind."

Cashman, in random fashion parallel to his videos, replied to Wilson asking if he'd like to play Super Smash Bros together. It was meant as a joke, not that Cashman wouldn't want to play video games with Wilson, but because he assumed there was zero chance of it ever happening. And yet, Wilson accepted the offer.

"Two months later I was at his office, and now I'm part of his team," Cashman said.

Wilson and Cashman were joined by fellow Seahawks players D.J. Fluker and Jaron Brown for the video game session. Wilson used Donkey Kong and he wasn't very good, according to Cashman.

"He was like a D+," he said of Wilson's video game abilities.

That meetup took place in May. Now, as Cashman alluded to, he's part of Wilson's production company West2East Empire. He's one of the editors and producers that puts together all types of recap and promo videos, usually surrounding Wilson and wife Ciara's many ventures.

Cashman said the quarterback seldom calls him by his real name, instead referring to him by his Twitter handle. After wins, Wilson will reach out to Cashman and the rest of his team asking for innovative ideas for social videos.

"He knows what I'm good at and what I can do," Cashman said. "It's a collaborative effort. We are all sending ideas to each other."

His work – both the short clips and his famed two-minute long hype videos – have collectively garnered several million views on Twitter.

Cashman used to make one after every win, but now they're simply too involved to keep up with that pace. Now he saves his masterpieces for "big wins," including Seattle's Week 10 victory against the San Francisco 49ers on "Monday Night Football."

"Hopefully we can get some more big wins so we can have more videos," he said.

At 8-2, there's a strong chance that the Seahawks keep Cashman busy through the final month and a half of 2019 and even as the calendar turns to 2020.

"That one win proved so much for this team, and I think they could actually go really far," Cashman said.

Catch the entire conversation with Cashman on the Talkin' Seahawks Podcast.

Get to know Cable Thanos, the creative mastermind behind viral Seahawks videos originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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