The Knicks' newest free-agency lure: Dancing Stephen Colbert

From the pages of The No Fact Zone, a fan site collecting all of the glorious ephemera related to the Comedy Central program "The Colbert Report," comes this amazing bit of absurdity.

Behold: Stephen Colbert, a longtime satiric booster of the NBA, in full Rec-Spec-kneepads-and-spandex regalia and flanked by a half-dozen of the New York Knicks City Dancers.

Here's the barebones description of the event, originally posted on the Knicks City Dancers' Facebook page:

Look who stopped by the MSG training center to hang out with the Knicks City Dancers! Stephen Clobert [sic] shot a feature with the KCD and Allan Houston(notes) for an upcoming episode of The Colbert Report. Stay tuned for the air date. In the mean time add your own caption for to the photo!

Don't mind if I do! Let's see here:

"Photo taken immediately after this six-dancer rotation beat the 2010 Knicks in a half-court game to 21."

"This is the first smile by anyone wearing Knicks apparel since Renaldo Balkman(notes) was traded."

"The bottle-blonde mohawk/mullet combo was an interesting hairstyle choice for Allan Houston."

Feel free to add your captions in the comments. It might not be a proper BDL C-a-C, but on this Thursday of Thursdays, surely we could all use the joke.

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