Knicks knocked from playoffs, is Tom Thibodeau to blame? | Good Word with Goodwill

Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill and Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn debate how much blame should Tom Thibodeau shoulder after the Knicks’ Game 7 loss to the Pacers in the NBA Playoffs. Hear the full conversation on “Good Word with Goodwill” - part of the “Ball Don’t Lie” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

Cause you've been around coach Tibbs, I've been around coach Tibs when Tibbs coached in Chicago, all the bodies that come up.

I won't say bodies come up missing but body parts come up missing, right?

You know what I mean?

Like hamstrings ankles.

J you know Jalen Brunson's hand.

Is it fair that we look at Tom Thibodeau and his teams consistently breaking down down the stretch of seasons and pointing the finger at him or all these all like coincidences that just so happened to have him as head coach.

I think, I don't think it's a coincidence but I don't think everything should be on him.

Um W what, what Julius Randall landed on his shoulder on a drive.

I think of the collision.

That's not his fault.

Brunson hidden his uh hand on the knee of Al Burton.

Some of that's happened stance but the and a no, the hamstring.


Um Mi Robinson's ankle probably coming back a little too fast from his previous surgery.


Um Didn't see the Bogdanovic injury but him, I don't know, I can't, I do think he runs his players really hard and there's a reason why in this two N NBA, you play your best players, 34 to 35 minutes.


You don't play them 3839 MJ playing 39.

Magic play all those, the greats playing 39 but this is not that era.

Um It's a more demanding game in terms of like the three point line.

Everybody's running out.

I don't know if it's more physical, but I do think you can just space.

Yes, scientifically, medically, you just can't run your guys like that in a March home game against, you know, your, your bad boy or boy bad Pistons.

Uh You can't do that.

And so I think this is kind of what happens with Tibbs.

This is kind of Tibbs history.

And the question is this is why he's had three previous jobs or two previous jobs.

Minnesota and Chicago is because eventually it runs dry.

Eventually it, it, it goes out and it wears on people, the graining style.

Um, the, the, the yelling, it just kind of wears on people.

The question is how long before it wears in New York?

And I also big too, but you gotta trust your roster like you went and got, you got Shake Milton who I've seen have good moments in Philadelphia.

He never saw the court.

Like when you're thin, you can't run the guys who you can't like mistrust a roster.

Like you've got to figure out a way to play Jericho Sims.

You gotta figure out to play, way to play shaped milk.

You know, they didn't go to Alec Burks who has had some good times in Utah with your Pistons and, and he's had some moments he can score.

They didn't play until they absolutely had to.

And I just wonder about Tibbs entrusting his roster, not only the injuries but just going like, ok, I only trust you about seven y'all.

So all y'all gonna play 48 and the rest of y'all is gonna watch.

You can't run these guys into the ground like that because you don't trust half your roster, you gotta give him a shot at least.