Knicks fan puts fandom up for sale on eBay and might get $2,000 for it

One Knicks fan is selling their fandom on eBay. (AP Photo)
One Knicks fan is selling their fandom on eBay. (AP Photo)

On the master list of tortured fanbases, the New York Knicks rank near the top. The team hasn’t won a championship in over 40 years, and recent seasons have been particularly excruciating.

One fan has seen enough. Their love/hate relationship with the team has shifted strongly in the direction of hate. Because of that, they’ve decided to sell their Knicks fandom on eBay.

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Knicks fan might get $2,000 for their fandom

The disgruntled Knicks fan initially set the bidding for their fandom at $1,973. That number was deliberate. The Knicks last won a championship in 1973. They’ve received two bids thus far, and their fandom is now going for $1,998. The auction is still live for three more days, so it’s possible they will pass the $2,000 mark.

Angry Knicks fan is tired of all the team’s failures

The fan lays out all their reasons for turning their back on the franchise in a lengthy explanation that spans thousands of words. It begins, “I hate the Knicks. I love the Knicks, but I hate the Knicks,” and then launches into all the missteps the team has made in recent seasons.

Near the end of the explanation, the fan says the Knicks are the Cleveland Browns, but worse:

I hate the Knicks. We are the Cleveland Browns, but we are worse, no one wants to be in Cleveland, everyone wants to be in New York, and for 17 years we have managed to mess it up at every single turn. James Dolan has disgraced The Mecca. I hate the Knicks.”

What are the perks of buying the fan’s Knicks fandom?

While selling your fandom seems like a quick way to rack up some cash without doing anything, the fan will take a few steps to prove they are serious about casting their old team aside. Whoever purchases the Knicks fandom will get to name the new team the fan must support.

The fan has promised to go the extra mile for their new team. They promise to bet $500 on the team’s over/under, get a license plate casing of the new team for their car, buy two jerseys from the new team and attend one home game and one away game for that team. There are a few other promises the fan lays out as well.

Will eBay allow Knicks fan to sell their fandom?

Is the fan allowed to sell something that isn’t a physical good? Nothing like that appears on the site’s list of prohibited and restricted items. In fairness, the fan is being up front about what is being offered in the posting. Not only that, but by making promises that cost money, the fan makes it look slightly more legitimate, and not just a cash grab. The fan has to follow through on those promises, though, which is a different story.

Knicks aren’t the only franchise who fit in this scenario

Browns fans may take umbrage with the fan’s description of their team. They wouldn’t be the only fanbase, either. You could argue that the Browns, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Blues and plenty of other franchises have suffered more than the Knicks.

In fact, we would love to see a fan of one of those teams buy the fandom and make the Knicks fan experience a different tortured fanbase. And if we can find a Seattle Supersonics fan with the cash to make that happen, that could make for an interesting twist on this whole thing.

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