Knicks, Nets cleared to host 2,000 fans at games starting Feb. 23

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If you want to watch subpar basketball in person during a pandemic, the New York Knicks will have you. The Knicks announced Wednesday that they will be hosting 2,000 fans at games starting Feb. 23.

The team received clearance from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to start hosting fans at Madison Square Garden.

Those same attendance rules apply to the New York Rangers, who also play at MSG. The Rangers will be allowed to host 2,000 fans at games starting Feb. 26.

It also extends to the Brooklyn Nets, who announced they will have limited fans in the stands starting Feb. 23. Nets fans interested in attending games this year can fill out a form on the team's website.

While New York is in the process of distributing the approved COVID-19 vaccines, the Knicks and Rangers will still implement the "strongest operating protocols" necessary to prevent the spread of the virus.

NBA's Knicks are latest team to allow fans

The Knicks are among a handful of NBA teams allowed to host fans this season. The league has its own attendance tracker, where fans can see whether their favorite team is allowing fans in 2021. That tracker — which was last updated Feb. 7 — lists 11 teams currently allowing fans in their arenas. The Knicks and Nets are not included on that list yet.

Every team allowing fans to attend games this season are doing so in limited quantities. The Houston Rockets are currently allowing the most fans per game, sitting at 4,500 per contest. The Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz are each allowing roughly 4,000 per game. Every other team on the list is allowing about 2,000 fans, the same figure as the Knicks.

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