Klopp and Liverpool fans 'now feel like they’re part of a different project'

Liverpool players celebrate

New York Times journalist Rory Smith, says Liverpool are embracing this season as a "new project" after coming through a "fraught" transitioning period.

Speaking on the Football Daily podcast, Smith said: "Teams need refreshing as players get older and that’s always slightly fractious and fraught.

"It can be complicated transitioning from one team to another. It takes time to get players bedded in and that’s what happened to Liverpool last year.

"It’s a delicate process and whilst Liverpool have made a great start this season, there will be bumps in the road. I think what’s important is that Jurgen Klopp and the fans, now feel like they’re part of a different project, rather than hoping that the old project finds its feet again.

"That’s significant."

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