Kliff Kingsbury impressed with Jayden Daniels as right fit for Commanders' offense

Commanders offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury says quarterback Jayden Daniels is already impressing as the right fit in Washington's offense, after just a few weeks of studying and one rookie minicamp.

"He's intentional in everything he does, which I like," Kingsbury said of Daniels. "That's what we had heard about him coming up, and that's what he's been since he's been here. He's focused, intentional, and got to work. So that's been fun to be around."

Kingsbury said Daniels knows what he wants to improve every day he comes to work.

"He has a plan for studying. He has a plan for practice. He has a plan for watching film," Kingsbury said. "He knows what he wants to be and where he wants to go. To be that young and come in there with that mindset is real encouraging."

Kingsbury coached No. 1 pick Caleb Williams at USC last year, but he said he's been watching Daniels even longer, having noticed him while Kingsbury was head coach of the Cardinals and Daniels was at Arizona State. Kingsbury said he "felt very strongly" that the Commanders should take Daniels with the No. 2 pick.

"When I was in Arizona he was at ASU," Kingsbury said. "I'd been following him and I was so impressed with him, beating Oregon as a true freshman."

Kingsbury said Daniels improved consistently throughout his college career, culminating in his Heisman Trophy-winning season at LSU last year, and he expects the same of Daniels in the NFL.

"We've only had him a couple days, but he works really hard at it," Kingsbury said. "What I liked most about the college tape was the drastic improvement we saw year in and year out."

Kingsbury left no doubt that he believes Daniels is the right quarterback to run his offense.