Klay Thompson is having the time of his life missing dunks, dancing and losing in arm wrestling in China

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/4892/" data-ylk="slk:Klay Thompson">Klay Thompson</a> is loving life touring China. (Getty)
Klay Thompson is loving life touring China. (Getty)

As free agency heats up and players are scrambling around recruiting new teammates, Klay Thompson is on the other side of the world having more fun than anyone. Golden State’s All-Star shooting guard has been on a long vacation in China, and his exploits there have been hilarious.

Officially, Thompson is there promoting his shoe deal with Anta, a China-based sportswear company. Unofficially, he’s there to unwind after a long NBA season, celebrate his second championship and experience all that China has to offer. And his goofiness is what’s taken social media by storm.

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First came footage of his failed 360 dunk.

This one wasn’t even close. It’s not like Thompson lost the ball while going up or threw it off the back iron. He got rim-stuffed. No matter, though. It’s not as if Thompson’s a prolific dunker, and when you’re a world champion, you’ve got (almost) nothing to be embarrassed about. Fresh off his second ring and averaging a career-high 22.3 points per game this season, Thompson is living the life.

Then came his hilarious dancing at a club, as captured by many a camera and plastered all over the internet.

Klay having the time of his life in China

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Even teammate Steph Curry had a good laugh with this one, and Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum gave Thompson some good-natured trash talk as well.

And now we have footage of Thompson arm-wrestling — and losing — to a fan who might have gotten away with some help from her left arm.

One thing’s for certain: There’s not a player in the NBA having more fun than Thompson right now. The NBA couldn’t be any father from his mind as he promotes his shoe and tours China. It’s good to be a Warrior, better to be a champion and best to be Klay Thompson.

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