Klay Thompson must make adjustments to remain with Warriors

Klay Thompson is entering restricted free agency. The veteran sharpshooter is reportedly being pursued by multiple NBA teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic. The Golden State Warriors are expected to extend a new contract to their four-time champion in a bid to keep the veteran core together for the remainder of their careers.

According to Mark Medina, if Thompson wishes to remain with the Warriors long-term, he may need to accept a reduced role in the rotation. That could mean eventually becoming a permanent bench contributor so that some of the younger talent on the team can begin to thrive. If Thompson accepts that reduced role, Medina believes his defense will be paramount.

“I think that he [Thompson] could thrive in a reduced role, with the idea that he can understand that maybe he gets fewer shot attempts,” Medina told Give Me Sport. “The thing about Klay is, even during his All Star years, he was dubbed as low maintenance because he wasn’t complaining about touches, etc. But , the bigger thing is, what made Klay such an effective player pre-injury was that he was really good on defense, and that’s still been a work in progress.”

Thompson has repeatedly discussed his desire to remain in the Bay Area. Nevertheless, he may wish to continue playing a significant role as part of a teams starting unit. He will have a choice to make regarding what is important to him in the final stage of his career.

Nevertheless, if Thompson does re-sign with the Warriors, his role may become fluid as some of the team’s younger talents begin to flourish and earn more time in the starting five.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire