Klay Thompson more likely to hit 3-pointers after consecutive makes

Marcus White
NBC Sports BayArea

Klay Thompson more likely to hit 3-pointers after consecutive makes originally appeared on nbcsportsbayarea.com

Klay Thompson can heat up in a hurry.

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The Warriors sharpshooter holds the NBA record for the most points in a quarter (37) and tied an NBA record this season by hitting 10 consecutive 3-pointers to start a game. This season, he has actually shot better as he has made more consecutive shots.

As Reddit user bennyboy82 illustrated with a revealing graphic, Thompson's 3-point percentage this season has increased with each subsequent make. 

Those are staggering statistics, but there is a very important caveat to consider, and that's the sample size. 

Entering Wednesday, Thompson had attempted 493 shots from beyond the arc, and made 198 (40.2 percent). That accounts for a little under 12 percent of his 4,185 career 3-point attempts, and thus is not as representative of his true ability as a full sample of his entire career would be.

Breaking it down by consecutive shots makes the sample size even smaller. Thompson, for instance, has made eight consecutive 3-pointers three times this season. He's a noted deadeye from beyond the arc, but there's an element of randomness that needs to be taken into account.

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Yet, recent research shows there is something to the theory of the hot hand, and Thompson himself is on the record as a believer. His own success this season provides a fascinating counter-argument to the increasingly disputed notion that the hot hand is a fallacy.

That's all to say that the Warriors' approach shouldn't change much when Thompson is on a hot streak.

Just get Klay the ball. 

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