Klay Thompson just accomplished something for first time in three years

Drew Shiller
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Last Saturday, Klay Thompson led the Warriors in scoring with 28 points against the Lakers.

On Wednesday, Klay led the Warriors in scoring with 26 points against the Spurs.

On Friday night, Klay led the Warriors in scoring with 25 points against the Suns.

You might be saying to yourself, 'So the five-time All-Star paced Golden State in three straight games -- what's the big deal?'

Well, this is the first time Klay has accomplished that during the regular season since ...

... the 2015-16 campaign when he put together a three-game stretch of:
-- 45 points against the Mavs on Jan. 27
-- 32 points at the 76ers on Jan. 30
-- 34 points at the Knicks on Jan. 31

On Feb. 3, 2016, he dropped 24 points at the Wizards, but that wasn't enough, as Steph Curry stole the show by racking up 51 points.

On Sunday against the Heat, Klay has the opportunity to make it four in a row. But a big game might not be in the works because in his career against Miami, he is averaging 17.8 points per game (sixth-fewest against any team), and shooting 36.9 percent from deep (fourth-worst against any team)

What about during the postseason? Good question.

During the 2016 playoffs -- when Curry was sidelined because of a knee sprain -- Klay scored the most points of any Warrior in four straight games:
-- Game 4 at Houston: 23 points
-- Game 5 against Houston: 27 points
-- Game 1 against Portland: 37 points
-- Game 2 against Portland: 27 points

With Kevin Durant onboard, Klay never led Golden State in scoring during the 2017 playoffs. But last season, he did so on four occasions:
-- Game 1 against the Spurs: 27 points
-- Game 1 against the Pelicans: 27 points
-- Game 3 against the Pelicans: 26 points
-- Game 6 against the Rockets: 35 points

Aren't you glad you read all of this? Have a great rest of your weekend ...

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