Klay Thompson could bolt for another contender in free agency

Klay Thompson has been linked with numerous teams since the Golden State Warriors season came to an abrupt end. His impending free agency makes him a legitimate discussion point for fans and media alike. As the free agency period continues to creep up on us, more rumors surrounding the veteran’s future will begin to emerge.

According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Thompson isn’t guaranteed to remain in the Bay Area but is unlikely to chase the largest payday on offer. Instead, Thompson will likely entertain offers from other contending teams around the NBA, in both the Eastern and Western conferences.

“Thompson wants to win,” Slater reported. “Don’t expect him to chase the largest possible offer from the Detroit Pistons or Charlotte Hornets, even if that’s the correct financial or leverage move. But there are plenty of cap-space teams with a clearer upward path to contention than the Warriors. That includes the Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic.”

The Warriors have yet to begin negotiations with Thompson. The longer Golden State drags its heels on starting conversations about Thompson’s future, the harder it could be to convince him that he’s still a valued member of the franchise.

Thompson might not be the player he once was, but he’s still an elite three-and-d veteran who can add value as a starter or off the bench. Furthermore, his championship experience can’t be overlooked. There’s a reason why Thompson will have multiple options available to him this summer. The Warriors must decide if they want to be one of those options.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire