Klay identifies what he admires most about Steph's jump shot

Klay identifies what he admires most about Steph's jump shot originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Warriors stars Klay Thompson and Steph Curry widely are regarded as one of the greatest NBA backcourts of all time, smashing records and collecting championship rings during their decade-plus together.

And while Curry long has complimented his fellow Splash Bro's jump shot, the shoe was on the other foot during Thompson's recent appearance on "The Draymond Green Show" as he pinpointed what he most admires about the 3-point king's jumper.

"I think it's like the force [Curry] generates," Thompson told Green. "I think Steph's maybe a buck-90, 200 [pounds] ... How are you able to shoot from 35 feet so accurately and easily? I think it comes from the legs, but he's incredibly strong. And then how quickly he loads his jumper, whether it be from the dribble, off the catch -- it's insane.

"That's what I admire, just his ability to shoot from all different angles and feet positions. As long as Steph's shoulders are square to the basket, it's got a chance of going in, and that's where I'm really impressed with him ... just how quickly he gets it off."

Both Curry and Thompson are considered two of the best shooters to ever grace an NBA court, with Curry holding the league's all-time 3-point record and Thompson owning the mark of most 3-pointers ever made in a single game. But despite his admiration for Curry's jump shot, Thompson won't ever forget the time when he bested his sharpshooting teammate in the jumper category.

"One thing I do have on Steph, though -- probably one of the best moments of my life -- is when we were at the White House in 2015 and Mr. Obama, Mr. President Obama, said my jump shot was a little prettier than Steph's. That was the one win I have over him. ...

"You might have a higher 3-point percentage and more makes, but, you know, No. 44 likes mine a little bit more."

Bragging rights always are a benefit when it comes to a little friendly competition between teammates. And even though Barack Obama likes Thompson's jumper more, it's clear the Splash Brothers have plenty of admiration for each other.

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