KJ Martin discusses what he’s shown Sixers with increased playing time

CAMDEN, N.J. — The NBA is all about opportunity. When players get their chance to show what they can do, they have to take advantage of it and show off their abilities at a high level.

Philadelphia 76ers forward KJ Martin has had that opportunity in the past with the Houston Rockets. He showed off his athletic ability to be able to defend multiple positions, he showed off his finishing ability around the basket, and that he can be a rotational player in this league.

He hasn’t gotten much opportunity with the Sixers due to the veterans in front of him, but Martin has received increased playing time as of late due to injuries and he showed off a lot of good things to coach Nick Nurse and the rest of the staff.

“Just what I’ve shown in my past three other years,” Martin said at practice on Monday. “Use abilities, use my athleticism to guard multiple positions and make plays for others. Practice, I just kept sticking with it, do what I’m supposed to do every day, and in the game, I don’t try and do too much.”

Martin is a guy who can contribute in a variety of ways. The Sixers have a lot of veterans and guys who have proven themselves at this level, and Martin understands that, but he also knows that he will get on the court through hard work and continuing to earn the staff’s trust.

“I understand who’s on my team,” he finished. “I understand who’s on the floor with me when I’m in the game and I kind of try to help them out.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire