Kirk Herbstreit gives his thoughts on if Clemson could be dead

Kirk Herbstreit, one of college football’s most respected analysts, dished on the current state of Clemson football when he appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday.

One day after Clemson lost 28-7 to Duke, Pat McAfee asked Herbstreit if he thinks Clemson could be “dead”. Herbstreit responded, saying the Tigers aren’t dead, but he also chimed in on some of the issues Clemson has to address.

“This isn’t cash all your chips, that stock’s dead at Clemson,” Herbsreit said. “They got a lot of work to do. Garret Riley is the guy who led TCU and Max Duggan all the way to the national championship a year ago; the guy knows what he’s doing. But that didn’t look like his offense last night. So there’s a few things there.”

Herbstreit also spoke on how there are problems with the team outside of quarterback, specifically with the lack of production from high-end wide receiver talents.

“You know that you haven’t seen NFL difference makers at receiver. So while we all want to look at quarterback, I’m kind of looking at what’s around that quarterback,” Herbstreit said. “They’ve never been a dominant offensive line. They’ve had really good backs in the past with Travis Etienne-type guys. Shipley’s good. I don’t know if he’s like, hold your breath, game changer good. The receivers are solid, but not NFL guys that strike fear in your heart. So they gotta come up with a plan that’s going to open up this offensive bit and give Cade Klunik a chance.”

After falling to Duke on Monday, Clemson has lost three of its last 4 games dating back to the end of the 2022 season. While the Tigers have two easier games coming up in Charleston Southern and FAU, they will welcome Florida State to Death Valley on Sept. 23.

“I don’t think Clemson is screwed or the season’s over. They got a couple of games to be able to win in Charleston Southern and FAU. So, they’re going to win two games. And then they got Florida State, and the Florida State team we saw the other night against that team (Clemson) we saw last night, you like Florida State’s chances,” Herbstreit added.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire