Kirk Gibson, Dennis Eckersley reunite 30 years later for World Series first pitch

LOS ANGELES — A night after the Los Angeles Dodgers created a classic postseason moment, they celebrated another.

For the first pitch of World Series Game 4 at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers reunited Kirk Gibson and Dennis Eckersley 30 years after Gibson took Eck deep in the 1988 World Series. It’s probably the most iconic home run in postseason history, with Gibson coming up as an injured pinch hitter and limping around the bases after hitting the winning home run.

Saturday’s first pitch started with Fox play-by-play guy Joe Buck introducing Gibson. The Dodgers fans initially booed Buck, but those quickly turned to cheers as Gibson came to the field. But there was more to the stunt than that.

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With Gibson on the mound, Buck told him he’s better remembered for hitting the famous homer, so he should head to home plate instead. That’s when Eckersley was announced and came to the field in an Oakland Athletics jersey, getting a pop big pop from Dodgers fans too.

Dodgers star Justin Turner came to the field, handed Gibson a bat and Eckersley a glove. There wouldn’t be another homer, though. Gibson caught the first pitch from Eck, and Dodger Stadium cheered the moment.

It was a joyful reunion and Eck deserves a lot of credit for that. It’s not easy, 30 years later, to revisit one of your worst moments.

Dennis Eckersley and Kirk Gibson reunited for the first pitch at World Series Game 4. (Getty Images)
Dennis Eckersley and Kirk Gibson reunited for the first pitch at World Series Game 4. (Getty Images)

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