Kirk Cousins ‘not going to turn down an opportunity’ to play for Bill Belichick

Minnesota Vikings fans have thought a lot about whether quarterback Kirk Cousins could play for another team, and for one of the first times as a member of the Vikings, he went on the record about playing elsewhere.

CBS Sports’ Isabel Gonzales interviewed Cousins about various topics, including his impending free agency. One of the other notable free agents this offseason is former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who parted ways with the franchise after 24 seasons.

When asked about his experience with the six-time Super Bowl-winning head coach, Cousins made sure to embellish the fine details of facing a defense coached by Belichick.

“I have great respect for him as a coach, like everyone else in pro football. When you go to that many Super Bowls, win that many Super Bowls, go to that many conference championship games [and] have the defensive production he’s had for years and years, it says it all.

We played them last year on Thanksgiving night, and once again, I noticed several times what he did coverage-wise was challenging and different. You always know when you play him, you’re looking over your shoulder, wondering if everything you’re seeing is correct. You know he’s going to break the mold and do something different, and that’s part of what’s made him a great coach.”

So when Gonzales sprang the question of whether Cousins would play for Belichick if given the chance, the answer wasn’t much of a surprise.

“I’m not going to turn down an opportunity to play with a future Hall of Fame coach, but we’ll have to see where March leads. There’s a lot of unkowns right now.”

The biggest unknown lies in Eagan, Minnesota, as the Vikings decide whether to extend the 35-year-old quarterback for another year or let him test free agency. If Cousins hits free agency, there will be an aggressive market for him, a market that could very well include a team coached by Belichick. 

If one of the greatest coaches of all time decides to try his hand in another organization, the current front-runner being the Atlanta Falcons, the Super Bowl window starts as soon as his feet touch the campus. The offense needs to be captained by a veteran quarterback — perhaps one who’s proved to be the ultimate system QB — who will maximize the window the Belichick hire gives.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire