Kirk Cousins: “If I had taken a sack instead, the optics probably look better”

One thing that you don’t often get with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is him being open and speaking with cander. Oftentimes, he will speak like a politician and come off as somewhat robotic.

The latest interview Cousins did was with Barstool Sports’ Bussin With The Boys podcast and he was incredibly open and even self depricating. The biggest takeaway from that interview was talking about the fateful fourth and eight from the wild card game against the New York Giants.

“If I had taken a sack, the optics probably look better (than checking down).”

He’s probably right here. Checking down has been an issue for Cousins and something that he has been criticized for during his entire Vikings tenure. What was significant coming from that discussion is the one throw that Cousins would have wanted back. It wasn’t the fourth-down throw, but the one right before.

On that third and eight play, Cousins had K.J. Osborn open but threw it a bit behind which allowed the cornerback to attack the football.

Cousins goes in-depth with Will Compton and Taylor Lewan on other topics. You can check out the full interview here, including Cousins talking about nearly getting a grill.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire