Kinnick Diaries: Iowa vs. Western Michigan Week 3 live blog

Week 3 is here and it is the last week of nonconference play. Iowa has a massive game on the horizon, with a visit to Happy Valley looming next Saturday.

That’s next week, though. This week’s opponent is Western Michigan. The MAC opponent enters the game looking to avenge a 48-7 loss at the hands of Syracuse last week.

For the Hawkeyes, it’s a chance to make a statement with a big victory. The Hawkeyes are 2-0 but have failed to reach the targeted 25 points per game goal yet this season. The offense has seen its improvements early on this year, but haven’t fully reached their potential yet.

It’s week three at Kinnick stadium! As always, follow along below with our live blog for today’s contest. Remember to refresh the page to keep up with the current updates as they role in!

Iowa wins 41-10

Iowa wins 41-10 over Western Michigan!

This was a different team in the second half. The passing game never really figured it out, but boy the rushing attack looked good. Leshon Williams and Kamari Moulton had great games on the ground. The offensive line looked a lot better run blocking than they did pass blocking.

Will they be able to do this against Big Ten competition? Zero clue. They did it today though, and the Hawkeyes are now 3-0!

Deacon Hill enters the game to close, brings Iowa

The Mariano Rivera of the Midwest! Deacon Hill has entered the game to close this one out for the Hawkeyes, and he’s looking to bring the Hawkeyes one more score. Iowa gets stopped on third and goal within a minute, AND THEY’RE GOING FOR IT! THEY GET IT!!

TOUCHDOWN IOWA! Scored by Max White! 41-10 Iowa! What a great way to close this game out!

Iowa kicks a field goal, makes it a 34-10 win

Just as the headline reads, Iowa hits a field goal to make it 34-10. Keep running it up Brian Ferentz!

Good Iowa drive stalls in the redzone

Really good drive by the Hawkeyes there. Terrell Washington Jr. looked good receiving a bulk of the work. They ran a nice sweep to Seth Anderson. Unfortunately, everything just stalled once they had to pass the ball. Not good.


Touchdown Iowa! Kamari Moulton has his second of the game to put the Iowa Hawkeyes on top 31-10. THEY DID IT EVERYONE! IOWA SCORED MORE THAN 25 POINTS! BRIAN FERENTZ’S JOB MAY BE SAVED…



BALL! Western Michigan fumbles and Iowa recovers! Iowa will take over at the Western Michigan 17 yard line.

Hawkeyes Touchdown!

Touchdown Iowa! Kamari Moulton scores the first touchdown of his young career in Iowa City. Iowa looked like the Philadelphia Eagles there, running right down the field for a score. Cade McNamara finds Erick All who jabronis a would-be tackler in the end zone to complete the two-point conversion. 24-10 Hawkeyes in the third quarter. ONE MORE POINT FOLKS!


That’s right folks. Iowa has their safety for the year. A great defensive stand forced a punt deep in the Western Michigan zone. Anterio Thompson gets a hand — possibly a chest and face too — on it and the ball goes through the back of the end zone for a safety. It is now 16-10 Iowa. Nine points away folks.

Five play drive by Iowa ends in a punt

We had an Addison Ostrenga sighting. That’s nice. What’s not nice, though, is the Iowa offensive line getting outmatched by Western Michigan to force a punt. Keep calling those screens Brian Ferentz.

Iowa forces a quick three-and-out to start the second half

Good opening drive of the half by the Hawkeyes’ defense. Joe Evans earns his first sack of the season. A good return by Cooper DeJean sets the Hawkeyes up near midfield.

Cade McNamara wasted a great opportunity with a pick to close the half

What an abysmal half of Iowa football. Cade McNamara decides to triple clutch, then throw it anyway into double coverage. Intercepted in the end zone. Brian Ferentz just lost it on the sideline. Now that’s a man who just realized that he’s out of a job next year.

14-10 Hawkeyes at half.

Tory Taylor sets Iowa up with great field position, Iowa score!

That Tory Taylor punt downed at the one puts Iowa in great field position. They force a three-and-out from the Broncos, and will start at the 25 yard line. AND IT’S A TOUCHDOWN! Just as I’m typing this up, Cade McNamara throws a screen pass to Leshon Williams and it’s his first receiving touchdown of his career. Have a day Leshon Williams! 14-0 Hawkeyes with 1:29 left in the first half!

Iowa punts it after a pretty terrible passing drive

Leshon Williams has come to play, unfortunately, Cade McNamara looks pretty cooked right now. He almost threw an interception trying to force a pass that just wasn’t there, and then he missed everyone on third down. Either McNamara is not able to go because of the injury right now or he’s cooked because of the injury. Either way, this is a pretty dang embarrassing performance in the first half.

Oh yay, Tory Taylor pins Western Michigan inside of their five yard line. Maybe Iowa can actually score some points now.

Western Michigan back up 10-7

The tie didn’t last long. The Broncos had two explosive plays in response but were held in the red zone by the Hawkeyes defense. Uncharacteristic of the Hawkeye defense to give up such big plays. Field goal makes it 10-7 Western Michigan.

Touchdown Hawkeyes!

Now THAT’S more like it!

Touchdown Hawkeyes! Scored by number zero Diante Vines, his first touchdown as a Hawkeye! Great run by Leshon Williams to set the Hawkeyes up in the red zone. Cade McNamara has a ton of time on third down, and Vines got open in the back of the end zone.

Love to see that for Vines, a player who has struggled with injuries his entire tenure in Iowa City. 7-7 now in the second.

An Injury update

Missed Iowa field goal and everything is bad to end the first quarter

Update as I’m still somehow waiting for my coffee, Iowa misses a field goal and Luke Lachey is hurt. Looks like Jazz Patterson is hurt too. What a horrible first quarter.


Weather delay...

That’s right. Iowa is in a weather delay again. I’m going to get a coffee, anybody want anything?

Broncos Touchdown, Western Michigan takes a 7-0 lead

Welp, Western Michigan managed to do what Iowa hasn’t really been able to, move the ball down the field. Treyson Borguet found Anthony Sambucci for a 64-yard touchdown and suddenly the Hawkeyes find themselves down to the Broncs. Not good at all.

Iowa punts it back... this game might stink

Well, boys and girls, this game might really really stink. Against the 112th-ranked offense in the nation after two weeks, Iowa looks like they don’t have a chance of scoring. I get McNamara is probably still hurt, but the passing attack is abysmal still.

Iowa forces a three-and-out to start

Iowa gets the ball back pretty quickly, stuffing Western Michigan’s rushing attack and forcing some errant passes. Good start by Phil Parker’s unit.

First drive of the game, interception McNamara

Well, that’s not an ideal start at all.

Iowa gets the ball first, and has a good kick return. They look like they’re starting to mount a drive, and then Cade McNamara throws a pick into double coverage. It’s a great pick by the defender, but it’s simply frustrating.

Kaleb Johnson OUT

Big update ahead of game time. While Cade McNamara is completely absent from the injury report for this first time this season, the Hawkeyes will be without starting running back Kaleb Johnson. Iowa will have to rely on Jaziun Patterson and Leshon Williams in today’s contest.

Story originally appeared on Hawkeyes Wire