Kingsley Suamataia reveals nickname for Chiefs HC Andy Reid

The Kansas City Chiefs’ addressed their needs on the offensive line in the 2024 NFL draft, and found one prospect who may be their next starting tackle.

Kingsley Suamataia, the team’s second-round pick and a BYU product, was among Kansas City’s most popular selections and has the skills to be an impact player for years to come.

Suamataia spoke to reporters on Sunday about his relationship with head coach Andy Reid and their ties to BYU which make him feel like they are family.

“I call him ‘uncle’, that’s the BYU legend right there,” Suamataia said. “I called him uncle when I first came here on my 30 visits. He’s very quiet, but when he has words that he has to say it definitely hits home for me.”

Reid has never been shy about speaking highly of his alma mater, BYU, so it’s no surprise he had his eye on Suamataia in the draft.

“I’m just getting as much knowledge from him, too,” the rookie explained. “He knows a lot about our offense, so I’m just chopping up with him whenever he has time. It feels like family just being here, so it makes it better and more comfortable.”

The BYU connection is already showing its cue, breaking any possible ice or nerves for Suamataia as he enters his first NFL season.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire