The Kings were losing by so much they ignored their own game to tweet about football

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The Kings had some fun after falling behind by a lot. (Getty Images)
The Kings had some fun after falling behind by a lot. (Getty Images)

It’s just the preseason, but the Sacramento Kings didn’t play well Thursday. At the half, the team was losing 71-35 to the Utah Jazz. As you might imagine, there wasn’t much for the team to celebrate.

It didn’t get much better. The Kings went on to lose the game 132-93.

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Because of that, the Kings Twitter account decided to have a little fun. As the team was falling apart on the court, the team’s Twitter thought it was best to just ignore the game. Instead, the team decided to tweet about “Thursday Night Football.”

For the most part, people were in on the joke. There weren’t all that many salty replies in the comments. That’s saying a lot for Twitter.

The Jazz, however, couldn’t pass up a chance to brag about their huge lead.

The Kings eventually did tweet about the game, but made sure to continue leaning into the bit.

You’ll notice the score bug has been replaced with a bar that reads “censored.” The Kings Twitter page wasn’t about to let fans know how much the team was struggling. They later replaced the score bug with a picture of a cartoon dog.

The lesson here is simple: If you poke fun at yourself before anyone else gets a chance, it hurts a little less. Here’s hoping the Kings have enough jokes to get through the regular season.

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