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Jake and Dan are back with another fun episode of No Cap Room, kicking off the episode with a celebration of the Sacramento Kings making it into the playoffs for the first time since 2006 and ending it with tales from the ranch.

Where were you in 2006? Dan and Jake answer that question while considering just how long it has been since the Sacramento Kings last made it to the NBA postseason. They also recap how far the franchise has come since nearly being sold and moved to Seattle.

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In other NBA news, Kevin Durant returned to the Suns and the numbers say that this is the league’s best team (when everyone is healthy). Are the Suns the only super team left in the West? Does that make them the scariest team heading into the playoffs?

The guys do a full breakdown of the Play-In Push™, looking at the teams that are currently headed towards a play-in tournament and a couple teams still on the outside looking in. They spend the longest amount of time on the Miami Heat, who nobody wants to see in the playoffs, and the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are scaring other teams around the league with how quickly they’ve become a playoff team.

Finally, Dan explains why the Memphis Grizzlies are even more dangerous after the Ja Morant suspension than they were before it and Jake says that Memphis might have made the best trade of this year’s deadline.

02:00 Sacramento Kings clinch 1st playoff berth since 2006


16:15 Kevin Durant returns to the Suns

21:00 The Play-In Push™

22:00 Miami Heat

26:30 Atlanta Hawks

31:00 Toronto Raptors

36:00 Washington Wizards

39:30 Minnesota Timberwolves

40:00 Los Angeles Lakers

41:35 New Orleans Pelicans

42:45 Oklahoma City Thunder

52:20 Vibe Check: Memphis Grizzlies

59:00 Tales from the Ranch

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