The Kings build a theme night around Pooh Jeter

Eugene "Pooh" Jeter III is one of the NBA's most lovable bench players, except most fans don't even know what he looks like. Then again, why would anyone need to know with a name like that? Jeter is not the best player around -- 4.2 ppg and 3.0 apg in 14.5 minutes is nothing to write home about -- but he nonetheless has captured the imagination of a generation by having such a great nickname that it's become his real name. Look out, Pooh Richardson, you now have company.

Jeter is such a fan favorite that the Kings are giving him his own promotional giveaway night. As seen in the image above (full version available on, the Pooh Hoop Pack gives you a lower-level seat next Wednesday, Jan. 19, against the Blazers, a little teddy bear wearing Pooh's No. 5 as a jersey T-shirt, and an "Everyone Knows Pooh is 'Hoop' Spelled Backwards" T-shirt. What a bargain!

Of course, there was another way to do this theme night, one that has nothing to do with teddy bears and T-shirts. I think we are all happy that the Kings did not decide to go in that direction.

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