Kimmel sets record straight about Trump's last visit on his show: 'He's lying'

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Jimmy Kimmel Live returned from hiatus Monday night. One of the first things host Jimmy Kimmel did was address Donald Trump's recent claim about being a guest

a on the show.

During a rally for South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Trump told a crowd of very fine people, "[Jimmy Kimmel] would stand outside of the sidewalk waiting for me. 'Oh, here he comes, Donald Trump.' He opens my door. I said, 'Does he do this to everybody?' His people said 'He does it for nobody.'" Trump went on to say that Kimmel probably waited specifically for him because he had "potential."

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Kimmel responded by saying, "It's weird to hear him tell a lie that specifically involves you. All of a sudden you're like 'Wait, no, he's lying!"

Kimmel decided to tell everyone "what really happened" when Trump was a guest on his show. Kimmel said, "Donald Trump showed up one night outside our show banging on the backstage door - it was 2007. He had a half-finished bucket of chicken under his arm and he was screaming that he needed to use the bathroom, but unfortunately there was someone in the bathroom." Kimmel went on to explain, "So Donald took a look around. He stuffed the remainder of the chicken in his jacket. He dropped his pants. He did his business in the bucket."

When he was done telling the story, Kimmel said, "That story is exactly as true as his was."

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.

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