Kids' fully-functional 'Transformers' costumes stun TikTok

Footage of three kids dressed in stunningly realistic and fully functional "Transformers" costumes is stunning TikTokers — and inspiring families for Halloween. Posted by the TikTok account @overtime, but originally shared by cosplayer Robby Eccleshall (@robeccleshall), the impressive costumes have gone viral many times over. the true mastermind behind the hyper-realistic costumes is actually a creative dad named Mark who loves making elaborate costumes for his sons, Jasper and Mozaik. Mark and his boys — known online as @transformerskids — are passionate about cosplaying as their favorite "Transformers" characters. In the original video, taken in 2018 at a cosplaying event, the boys went viral for their depictions of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Starscream. Since then, Jasper and Mozaik stunned the world as Nemesis Prime, an Amtrak train/conductor, and OptiMusk Prime — a riff on Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk. while Mark's ingenious costumes look like they're made of expensive material, they're constructed using everyday items — and they cost less than store-bought costumes. Thousands of TikTokers from around the world responded to @overtime's now-viral footage. "That’s awesome and very creative," one user wrote