Kid to start as AD carry for Invictus Gaming's match against Oh My God

Kelsey Moser
Kid will swap back to AD carry against OMG
Kid will swap back to AD carry against OMG

Invictus Gaming announced on Weibo that Ge “Kid” Yan, jungler for the team since he role swapped from AD carry in 2016 Spring, will be returning to the AD carry role for today’s match against Oh My God.

In the offseason prior to 2017, iG started young AD carry Yu “JackeyLove” Wenbo and came first in the third party tournament, National Electronic Sports Tournament. Since then, JackeyLove has not played for iG on their starting roster, and they have played with AD carry Feng “Marge” Li in LPL.

Kid, the team’s current jungler, swapped to the jungle role from AD carry following Invictus Gaming’s disappointing run at the 2015 World Championship. He had previously played as iG’s AD carry since joining them in 2012. Last week, iG started rookie jungler Wen “Rio” Fuhua in their loss to LGD Gaming. Today against Oh My God, Rio will start as jungler again, and Kid will take over the AD carry role.

The match was scheduled to start at 13:00 China Time, but it has so far been delayed at least one half hour.

Invictus Gaming’s post did not specify whether or not the role swap would be permanent. They only listed the five starting members for today.

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