Kid-friendly cooking: Fun and efficient meals for camping at the track

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Kid-friendly cooking: Fun and efficient meals for camping at the track

NASCAR race weekends consist of making memories with family, celebrating, and filling your belly with amazing food. When camping at the track, you have the luxury of making meals that are unique. Most campers want meals that are perfect for kids and can be prepared in under 20 minutes.

Well, has a few meal ideas that families can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert at Pocono Raceway this weekend. All meals are kid-friendly and require fewer than 10 ingredients.

Grab the kids, your favorite pots and pans and let’s get started!

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Lap 1: Breakfast of champions

Bacon and pancake dippers: Nothing is better than crispy bacon in the morning. This sweet and salty combination is easy for the kids to help prepare, and a great meal to take on the go as you walk to the raceway gate.

A box of complete pancake mix – Bacon (pork or turkey)
A bottle of syrup – Butter

Follow the instructions on the pancake box to prepare batter. Heat pan or skillet on medium/high heat, cook bacon to desired crispiness then remove from heat. Clean pan and reheat pan with butter on low/medium heat. Spoon a nice layer of pancake batter onto the pan in the shape of the bacon. Then place a piece of bacon on top of the batter; add another layer of batter on top. Let pancake batter cook until desired color. Make sure to flip in between.

Lap 2: Caution, hot dogs!

The Bill France: It wouldn‘t be right to go to a race and not have the NASCAR founder‘s hot dog recipe. Not only is this a fun meal for the kids to build, it‘s also a mini history lesson. Take the time to share some of your favorite NASCAR moments with the family and spread some NASCAR history.

Hot dogs (beef or turkey) – Diced onion
Can of chili – Cole slaw
Hot sauce – Hot dog rolls
Shredded cheddar cheese

Heat the grill or set up a campfire to cook hot dogs to desired color. Open and heat a can of chili, then set aside. Once hot dogs and chili are complete, toast hot dog rolls. To assemble; place dog into bun, place a scoop of chili, coleslaw, diced onion and cheese on top. Then drizzle hot sauce on top. Bite in and enjoy NASCAR’s finest.

Final Lap: Dinner

Walking tacos: There is a ton of walking on race weekend, and you will walk up an appetite. For our spectators on the go, grab your favorite bag of Doritos, taco toppings and a fork.

Snack bag of Doritos – Diced onion
Taco seasoning – Shredded cheddar cheese
Sour cream – A pound of ground beef or turkey
Shredded lettuce

Heat a pan on medium heat with a drizzle of oil. Add the meat to the pan, salt and pepper to taste, add taco seasoning then cook meat for 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, wash and chop any produce that‘s needed or purchase shredded and diced produce. Open an individual bag of chip choice, load in meat, toppings, and grab a fork. You‘re all set!

Turkey and cheese sliders: Camping calls for cold lunch meat sandwiches, and these sliders are easy for your kids to prep with little to no supervision. Pair the sliders with your favorite chips and pickles.

A pack of Hawaiian Rolls – ½ lb of cheese of choice
½ lb of turkey deli meat – ½ lb of American cheese
– Mayonnaise – Mustard

Separate top and bottom of Hawaiian Rolls. Apply desired amount of mayonnaise and mustard to both sides of the bread. Layer deli meat and cheese in alternating order to desired amount. After assembling sandwiches, add any additional toppings and place bread on top. For convenience, store sandwiches in original packaging.

Victory Lane: Dessert, please!

Firecracker popsicle: In still July, so why not celebrate like it’s Fourth of July weekend — and cold treats and fireworks just go together. After making memories in the heat, a popsicle is a great refreshing treat that everyone in the family will enjoy.

S‘mores: What is a NASCAR camping trip without a good ole s‘more? Easy to make on a stove/hot plate or with an actual campfire. A perfect treat to gather the family and share favorite memories from race weekend.

*When you‘re done with the campfire, make sure the fire is completely extinguished to lower the risk of wildfires.*