Kian Harratt: Huddersfield Town striker given four-month betting ban for FA rule breaches

Kian Harratt stands in the rain for Huddersfield at Leeds
Kian Harratt admitted to the breaches, and was banned for four months by an independent regulatory commission

Huddersfield Town striker Kian Harratt has been suspended for four months and fined £3,200 for breaches of Football Association betting rules.

The 21-year-old admitted to allegations he placed 484 bets on football matches between 30 June 2020 and 3 June 2023, thereby breaching FA Rule E8.1.

His sanctions of a suspension and fine were imposed by an independent regulatory commission at a hearing.

Town say they will "support" the player through his period of suspension.

Within the FA's written reasons, Harratt admitted he was aware of the rules against gambling on football as a player, having attended a club presentation which discussed these issues in July 2022 while on loan to Bradford City.

They also confirmed that on analysis of his eight betting accounts, Harratt had placed bets on matches involving Huddersfield Town, Port Vale, Bradford City and Guiseley AFC, including bets against parent club Huddersfield.

The FA considered that his betting activity "did impact on the integrity of the fixture", having placed bets on his own club to lose, although it also considered that with the nine bets he had in those circumstances, the player was part of the Under-23 squad and not the first-team and thus had little impact on the integrity.

Given the number of bets he placed, the total sum staked [£8,105.01] and the fact he was aware that it was not permissible to gamble on football, the suspension was initially placed at eight months by the commission,

However, his mitigation in terms of age, "inexperience and naivety", and the fact he admitted to the charges immediately, plus positive character statements, a show of remorse and good disciplinary record, saw a downward adjustment of the sanction to four months.