Keys to victory

Bryan Moss, Publisher
Tiger Sports Report

Justin Ford/USATSI

This is a huge opportunity for Memphis. National TV audience, ranked team in your house, close to a sell out game, there's a lot riding on this game as far as perception goes.

Keys to victory:

1. Get off to a fast start-

The Tigers will have a packed stadium. They need to keep those fans loud and engaged. Memphis, under the Coach Norvell era, are 7-0 when leading after the 1st quarter. They are 1-4 when trailing after the 1st quarter.

2. Win the turnover battle-

We easily could have said put pressure on UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen but while they do need to do that, we feel getting and winning the turnover battle is more important. The Bruins do have a tendency to fumble. They have fumbled 4 times this year and lost 3 of them. Memphis needs to get some TO's and turn them into points on the board.

3. Touchdowns, not field goals-

While 3 points is nice, you won't win the game kicking only field goals against UCLA. Memphis must score 7's and not 3's. The Tigers should find themselves in a shootout with the Bruins and they'll need all the 7's they can get.

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