Kevin Stefanski: Excited to continue partnering with Andrew Berry, we have work to do

The Browns announced on Wednesday that head coach Kevin Stefanski and General Manager Andrew Berry have each signed a contract extension.

A two-time AP coach of the year, Stefanski said in a Wednesday press conference that he sees the trust Cleveland ownership has placed in him and Berry as a big deal.

"They’ve been ultra supportive of us in a football way and in a personal way," Stefanski said of the team's ownership group. "They’ve been great to our families. So, really excited to continue to partner with Andrew and we have work to do."

Stefanski and Berry will be the first head coach/G.M. duo to enter their fifth season with the franchise since the team returned to the NFL in 1999.

"We understand the jobs we have in this town, we understand our fans and what they want this team to be," Stefanski said. "So, we're just gonna focus on working every waking minute to get this thing where we want it. But I just come back to, for the organization to entrust Andrew and I speaks to what we’ve been able to do. But we have plenty of work to do. Fortunately for us, we've got some great people in this building — coaches, players, staff. So, we’ll just continue to work."

While Stefanski could feel some sense of accomplishment from earning his second contract as a head coach, Stefanski said he doesn't think that way.

"Got work to do," Stefanski said. "Until you have that final one checked off, you haven’t done it. And that’s, for us, as you know, there’s one goal for every football team, every franchise. And that's where we will keep our sights. Obviously, in between you try to win some ballgames and do right by the community and those types of things. But we — and all 32 clubs — we have one thing in mind."