Kevin Stefanski: Elijah Moore is a very, very locked-in player

As a 2021 second-round pick, receiver Elijah Moore made an impact for the Jets as a rookie. He caught 43 passes for 538 yards with five touchdowns and took five carries for 54 yards with a TD.

But things changed for Moore and the Jets in 2022, as has been well documented. So, the Browns used a second-round pick to acquire him in the spring.

So far, Moore has made a strong, positive impression on his new head coach, Kevin Stefanski.

“I think he’s a very — speaking of taking your craft seriously, I mean, he practices hard,” Stefanski said in his Monday press conference. “His practice tempo, how he is in walk-throughs, he takes it very seriously — which is great. It's fun to be around a guy that really works at it. And then he’s taken the bit on everything we’ve asked him to do.

“[We’re] trying to make sure we move him around the formation, trying to use things that we know he’s done well in his past, and also challenge him with some new things. But [he’s] a very, very locked-in player.”

Moore’s ability to play in the slot and on the outside may open up some different elements within Stefanski’s offense.

“We love versatility,” Stefanski said. "And versatility in players in and of itself expands your playbook, as you have players that can do more of every job. And to have a player that can play outside and inside, I think, is really valuable. One-position players in this league are probably not as common as they have been. I think you’re always looking for players that can do more.”

In 16 games with nine starts last year, Moore caught 37 passes for 446 yards with one touchdown. The Browns will certainly look to boost those numbers in 2023.