Kevin Stefanski awards Browns game ball to Nick Chubb in stirring victory speech

Sep. 24—It was a happy scene in the Browns post-game locker room Sept. 24 before the doors were opened to the media. No surprise since they had a 27-3 victory over the Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Stadium to celebrate.

Here is what Coach Kevin Stefanski told the team, courtesy of a video posted by the Browns, as the players wore smiles while surrounding him:

"What was that most important word this week?" Stefanski asked.

"Resilient!" the players answered in chorus.

Resilient together.#DawgPound

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) September 24, 2023

"If you want to be a resilient group, who do you need?" Stefanski asked.

"Myles Garrett," one player shouted.

"Everybody," other players answered.

"Everybody," Stefanski said. "We need Myles Garrett, too. Good call.

"What I saw today, what I saw all week was guys leaning on each other. We need each other. When this season gets hard, we need each other and that's what I saw all week from this group."

Stefanski continued as he handed out game balls.

"What I saw on the field today from that group — how about this one? Two-for-two, Dustin (Hopkins), including a 52-yarder.

"On offense, how about that quarterback? 27 of 33, 289, two touchdowns.

"Amari Cooper," Stefanski said before players interrupted him with "Cooooop! Speech! Speech!"

"Seven for 116 and a touchdown and three penalties drawn," Stefanski said.

Players cheered as Stefanski tossed a ball to Cooper. Cooper walked to the center of the group, raised the ball above his shoulder, smiled and said, "Let's keep having fun, and let's keep winning!"

More loud cheering and then the floor belonged to Stefanski again.

"Let's talk about the defense," he said. "Six first downs. Ninety-four total yards. Two-of-12 on third down. Twenty-six rushing yards. Five sacks — three and a half from No. 95."

More cheers as he tossed a ball to Myles Garrett. The players were loving the moment.

"Talk about being a resilient bunch — we need each other," Stefanski said. "The guy we don't have here right this minute with us — but he's always with us — is No. 24."

"Yes, sir!" a player shouted at the reference to injured Nick Chubb.

"He's getting this game ball because he's so important to this team, this offense, this defense, this special teams — this team. No. 24 means so much to us, I'm going to hand him this ball. He's with us the rest of the way.

"I appreciate you guys. Take care of each other. Team on three — one, two three."

The players then headed to their individual dressing stalls.