Kevin O’Connell jokes about trading for third overall pick

It’s no secret that the Minnesota Vikings are likely looking to draft a quarterback in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft. It’s also no secret that if they want to draft one of the top prospects, they’re going to have to trade up. One of the more likely options for a trade-up scenario is the New England Patriots, but they also need a quarterback and likely want a haul for the pick.

The Vikings are going to have to put together a pretty sweet deal if they’re going to convince the Patriots to move off the #3 pick. During an interview at his church, Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell joked about sweetening the deal by “sending Robert Kraft a bouquet of flowers the other day”.

Jokes aside, O’Connell and the rest of the Vikings’ brass know they’re going to have to put together a great deal to convince the Patriots — who have a significant need at the position as well and are already in place to grab one of the top prospects — to move down. Doing whatever they can to butter up Kraft and the Patriots’ decision-makers isn’t a bad strategy to try and lessen that demand.

Will they be able to make something happen before Thursday’s first round kicks off? We’ll find out in a couple of days!

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire